thoughts are the seeds that lead to ones own destruction.
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Afraid of losing you~~ // Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Yeah So long no blog
and that is the first think
i am thinking on my mind
Idk why i am thinking this
but yah just random haha ~~

Some one once told me
that when blogging
don't write the sentence
until so long so it's
easier to read...
i forgot who liao
but i will always remember it :P

Is it because i am to insecure?
Sometimes i just don't really
understand what you want...
Maybe i am just afraid of
losing you, but you don't
know that i am actually
more afraid than you...

Name: Leow Zheng Xu
SouthView Pri Class:6.6
Currently:Ngee Ann Poly,1T04
Class:1a3, 2a3, 3a2, 4a2, 5a2
Height: 168cm
Aim: 170cm
Weight: 64kg
Aim: 60 kg
Dob: 10 august 1993
Hobby:golf(handicap 9.5),swimming(gold),bball(lousy) ,piano(grade8),audition


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